Saturday, November 10, 2007


My name is Patricia. I studied here in Thomas for six years then I stopped studying English for two years. So, I realized that it was necessary to improve my English skills. Then I came back to study and learn more. Also, I study accountancy (at UnB-Universidade de Brasília) and in this profession it`s good to have knowlegde in this language. I`m a trainee in Infraero( It`s a company that take care of the airport here in Brazil) here in Brasilia and I love to work there.

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Carla Raguseo said...

Nice to meet you, Patricia!

It's always a good idea to resume your language studies when you realize that your English is getting a bit rusty. I'm sure the friendly atmosphere in your class makes it much easier to learn and to keep improving your communication skills. Keep it up!

Best regards,