Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hello there, folks!

I'm Luciano, 19, I study Computer Science at University of Brasília (UnB) and I'm at fourth semester right now.

I love learning new languages and, because of that, since I was a child I've studied English, Spanish, Italian, Esperanto and, recently, Japanese. About the English, I spent a few years at High School without any contact with the language besides the regular subject at school. So, when I joined UnB I had the necessity to recover my rusty English. Then I got into Thomas and started speaking again.

However, the greatest gift I got in Thomas was not the improvement of my English but specially the contact with many people with whom I had a lot to learn. For example, by accident, I met Prof. Celius, who is a very famous math professor at UnB and who, otherwise, I would only meet in the role of the scaried student who doesn't want to fail the test. I've also met Ludmila, who is a Ph.D in biology and always bring us interesting facts about nature. And Laura, an fun loving "baiana" who is getting Master's degree in literature.

About me, I love computing but, surprisily, I have not patience to spend hours and hours in front of PC, unless I'm programming some new algoritmum. I intend to take Master's and Ph.D degrees in Japan, what explains why I study English and Japanese. My probable speciality will by game development, which I love more than anything in computer science.

When I'm not killing myself to pass a test at UnB, I like to go out with friends just to take some beer, dance, date, talk about life, whatever... But, sometimes, I just stay at home and read and a good book or watch some movie.

Anyway, this small introduction is becoming an essay, so, I'll stop here.

See you, guys!


Anonymous said...

Hello Luciano,
I am Marián, I have to say that I am very surprised, you seem to be very mature, and busy too.
I ask my self How you do all that activities, I mean, you study five languages, and in the University too, that is a lot, I congratulate you.
Well, I hope you can realize all yuors drams,
Write soon,

Carla Raguseo said...

Dear Luciano,

I agree with Marián. You seem to be interested in so many things!! I'm glad you realize how important it is to be a part of a community of learners. You are all intelligent and sensitive people and I'm sure you have a lot to learn from each other!

Best regards,

Best regards,