Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hi, I've been in Buenos Aires twice and I liked a lot.You know, we have a long history with traditions and we know you as well. I hope your country can meet a president who can give better conditions to your people and all of us need good politicians to share a better life for all.
We are trying to know each other better than before and our teachers are responsible for this initiative.
Today a brazilian team is playing against Boca and it's sure that this match will be hard. Good lucky!
Bye and we can talk or write all the time, it was a pleasure. Good to know you.
Next time I will introduce myself better hahahahahha


Carla Raguseo said...

Dear Giovani,

Thanks for leaving such wonderful comment on our blog. You seem to be avery kind and friendly person.
I also hope will finally start to look up for us in Argentina after so many political and economic crises. Let's hope for the best!
Keep in touch,

Carla Raguseo said...

Sorry for the typos again!
"such wonderful comments"
"I also hope things will finally..."